Bridal Peeling

bridal peeling

It is a cosmetic technique that, improves the skin’s appearance, texture, and tone. It can be applied to the face, neck, hand, back of the bride. It helps to get rid of wrinkles, uneven skin tone, blemishes, and other skin problems.

It provides the immediate result and hence is her best pre-bridal treatment-
Package Program:

1. 3-4 days ahead/ Instant result: Microdermabrasion (Single Session), Body
Polish, Laser hair reduction(LHR), skin tightening , photo facial, lactic peel

2. One month( instant effect): Microdermabrasion (MCD), laser facial,
chemical peel/ mesotherapy

  • Impact: immediate results
  • instantaneous glow on a special day

3. Three months(Perfect bridal look): chemical peel, laser facial,
Microdermabrasion (MCD), Laser hair removal, mesotherapy, botox,
mesobotox session. skin brightening, lightening, acne solutions, face
lightening, hair removal

  • Intensive skin and hair rejuvenation process that ensures desired
    results over time.

4. Six months ( Sustained skincare): chemical peel, laser facial, laser hair
removal, mesotherapy

  • Expert treatment
  • Multiple session
  • Long-lasting result

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