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Periorbital dark circle / dark Circle: This can be caused by various factors, both exogenous and endogenous. it actually affects a person’s look and beauty, it makes you look and tired. It can be reduced by proactive dark circle treatment. it occurs with age due to thinning of skin and loss of collagen, lifestyle changes can also affect on developing dark circles. it can vary from purple to dark brownish depending on skin complexion. The genetic factor is also a very important issue.

  1. Types of dark circle
    Pigmented dark circle ( Brown)
  2. Vascular dark circle ( blue, pink, or purple )
  3. Mixed dark circle (mix of pigmentation)
  4. Structural dark circle (due to skin laxity, fat loss under the skin, and eye bags)

How to prevent dark circle:

  • Sleep: Keep a proper sleep and aim for at least 7-8 hours of sleep every day.
  • Skin protection: by wearing UV proof sunglasses and suns cream.
  • Cutting down on smoking and alcohol: these two factors can lead to premature aging signs like wrinkles, fatty eyes, and dark circles.

Remove the underlying cause if any.


  1. Proper lightening cream after consulting with a dermatologist.
  2. Chemical peel: There are different types of chemical agents commonly use for dark circle reduction.
  3. chemical peel along with topical cream is used for better results.
  4. PRP therapy: it is an effective treatment for both under-eye bags and dark circles.

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma therapy. It is natural, the plasma extracts from patients’ blood consist of collagen and growth factor. this plasma is then injected into the under-eye area. Which inturn triggers the rejuvenation process.

Fillers: Injection of hyaluronic acid gel into the under-eye area make the face look younger. it will give a natural lift and smooth transition between the lower eye and upper cheek areas.



Package program for dark circle

  1. chemical peel
  2. microcurrent
  3. PRP
  4. Filler

( session will be according to the need of patient)

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